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Monday, September 2, 2013

Dahlias and Tomatoes

Last week, on my way home from Cashiers, N. C. (post to come on that), I passed a darling couple who were selling dahlia plants and arrangements.  If you've ever driven that area, you know how I risked my life when I turned around at my first opportunity and went back to buy some.  That mountain is steep and the curves are wicked.  Here's what I chose: mixed dahlias in a commercial sized empty tomato tin can.  Here they are sitting on the railing of our deck when I got home.

Well, I originally intended to put the flowers into another container, but as I looked at them, I decided to celebrate the humble tomato with a yellow and red tablescape. 

I haven't used these dishes or these linens in ages.

These French linens from Souleiado fit the bill.  Actually, the French do red and yellow together pretty often, and these small prints were just about perfect to go with this can label. 

I used these wicker chargers from World Market and added a dinner plate made in Portugal by Vista Alegre called "Bahia".

Then, to make a break from the busy tablecloth and dinner plate, I added a salad plate by Over and Back, Inc., made in Italy.  The bowls were some I picked up at Homegoods last year, made by 222 Fifth and fittingly called "Heirloom Tomato".  Each one of the four is different and the variety is depicted on the outside, as well as the inside.  This one is all red......
This one all yellow.......

Another red one......
And a red and yellow stripe.  I served gazpacho in them, of course!

I think this red and yellow flatware came from Target many moons ago. 

This red goblet is pretty old.  I can't even remember where I got it.  The clear stemless wine glass beside it is Reidel.

Even though there were just four of us, I put out place cards, mainly because I wanted to use these small, red zebra tomatoes with them.  Aren't they cute?  And, man, oh man, do they taste good!  All of the tomatoes come from a wonderful road side fruit stand called Osage Farms in Rabun Gap that I passed on the way up to Cashiers and couldn't wait to stop at on my way home.  Incredible stuff!
It made a pretty table.  Kind of different, and certainly a tribute to the end of summer.

Overhead view.

Just before our company came, I was in the refrigerator getting cheese, and I spied this quart of heirloom cherry tomatoes in all of these great colors, so I sprinkled them around the base of the tin and shot one more photo.  Brilliant, huh????  I love the way they look.

Ahhhh!  Daliahs.  That north Georgia/ North Carolina area grows some mighty fine beauties. I had heard that all of the rain this year spoiled them, but the sweet lady I bought these from said that God shone on her fields and she had plenty!  I love that!
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  1. The last of my dahlias are blooming now and they are as big as a dinner plate. Oh how I love them and lucky you to have found such a beautiful bouquet!

    A lovely September table. Hope the rain doesn't dampen your Labor Day fun!

  2. Love all the colors here ~ the red and yellow is perfect for an end-of-summer alfresco meal. Your dahlias are so pretty. They grow everywhere here in the PNW and are fairly hearty so I can count on them when I need something at the last minute. Your menu sounds delicious:)

  3. I love this table and the colors. I forget to put red and yellow together and I so enjoy seeing it. What great flowers, bowls, and linens. This table is like a ray of sunshine!
    Vicki in Lou. KY

  4. Wow, I love how you used that tomato can with the Dahlias for your inspiration. It all goes together so nicely with your nice dishes and linens. Love those tomato bowls.

  5. I absolutely LOVE how you brought all the bright colors and different cultural themes together for this table-setting!! The Dahlias are gorgeous! And the different colored tomatoes add the "summer harvest" touch!! How creative to use a tomato sauce can as a flower vase!, too! I'm now a follower on Bloglovin'.

    Ann @ Cairn Cottage (


      oops...pasted your blogpage site, instead of mine! ;/

  6. This is so lovely...I am in love with your color scheme. The beautiful dahlias remind me of my grandmother, who always grew beautiful ones. Thanks for the great memories.

  7. Your tablescape is transporting me to the south of France. Beautiful!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  8. Wow - what a great table! Wonderful colors and pretty, pretty china! Love the Dahlia's. When I worked in Atlanta, I knew an older gentleman who was quite an expert, but I have never been able to grow them - very sad, since they are so lovely! Great post!!

  9. The flowers are beautiful and do look like Southern France in the rustic tomato can. An enjoyable late summer table!

  10. I love your salute to the humble tomato!! Your plates are gorgeous and a perfect compliment to the colorful dahlias. Very fun!!

  11. Your dishes are perfect accompaniments for the dahlias. How I love those flowers with their oh so bold colors. I have a big bouquet of them and I find myself stopping several times a day just to admire them.

  12. Gorgeous table...those dishes and linens are great! Love the floral arrangement.
    Have a wonderful week...

  13. You had me at red & yellow - my favorite color combo. Everything looks perfect.


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