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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Best Spring Decoration Ever

Of all of the dishes, all of the serving pieces, and all of the decorations that I own, this hand painted wooden tray is my most precious posession.  My dad made the tray and my mom painted it.  She never took art lessons, she just bought some how-to books on tole painting and started painting.  She says that her hands won't allow her to paint anymore, so the pieces she did are all we'll ever have.  I treasure this so much. 

Here's the most special part....her sweet signature.

Do you have a most favored piece in your life?


  1. Precious one ... it is precious because it is done by your Mom, and it is very beautiful because the painting is looking gorgeous... Tole painting needs to be very neatness because it is the play of only one stroke so she did it perfectly...
    I would love if you please peek a little at
    Sure you will find a crafty project of your choice from my library…

  2. How special to have this tray painted by your mom. It is truly beautiful. How amazing that she taught herself from a book. I'd say your mom is extremely talented! Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  3. Oh my. . . what a very special treasure. I have many treasures in my cupboards. Most previously belonged to my grandmother. But I do take them out and use them. I think it is a shame to keep things tucked away and never use them. Thanks for sharing your treasure. It is beautiful!!

  4. One of my most precious things is my wedding quilt from Gramma. She embroidered her signature, and even more precious is a tiny dot of blood up at the top where she pricked her finger while doing all of the hand quilting. She felt bad, I love it!


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