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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tartan Time Again!

It's time for Scott's Antique Market this weekend!!!  The second weekend of each month in Atlanta is always sort of abuzz with anticipation.  Two to four thousand dealers show up each month with their best offerings. 

I did a post on Craig Ringstad's incredible collection of tartan ware in February after I met him at his first Scott's show.  I was soooo blown away. 

Well, he gave me a call yesterday and said that he will be at the show this weekend!  Score!  Since he is not a regular, I can't give you his booth number until it is assigned, but I can tell you that he'll be in the north building and probably in the C area.  If you have an obsession interest in this, as I do, please stop by his booth and tell him that I alerted you to his collection.  He will be happy to educate you on all those beauties he has for sale.

Craig even said that he still has this charming little match pocket that I'm still drooling over.  I'm going to break my neck to try to get to Scott's to visit it!  What do you think?

Let me give you Craig's contact info:
Craig Ringstad


  1. Oh, lucky you! Can I send a shopping list? LOL
    Glad you shared this one again. Very timely! ~ sarah

  2. His things are so amazing!
    What a collection!
    I wonder...does her ever get to Chicago to show his items?
    I am drooling. LOVE it!


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