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Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Fall!

On this first full day of fall, I want to wish everyone a wonderful autumn season.  I am always so conflicted at this juncture, as I am so reluctant to say goodbye to summer and all it's specialness.  But then, it seems that a switch is thrown and I am suddenly ready for all the beauty of fall.  I'm ready for sweaters, for heartier meals, for football, and most of all for fall entertaining.  People who spend the summer away are back and it is so exciting to get together and catch up.  Here's a photo of our driveway gates taken last fall.  We don't have pumpkins or corn stalks out yet here in Georgia, but I'm stalking (no pun intended) the garden centers and I'll be decorating asap.  I'm hoping to welcome many of our dear friends through these gates for fall!


  1. Happy fall, I love the gates. I will be in search of cornstalks tomorrow. More mums, pumpkins and cornstalks. That is the Mission. Enjoy decorating. I will be looking forward to seeing what you are doing..


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