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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bridge Buddies at Serenbe

There is the most wonderful spot just thirty minutes from the Atlanta Airport called Serenbe.  It is a new community that is a leader in land preservation, organic farming, farm to table dining concepts, green building standards and water conservation.  All this and incredible beauty!  I spent a few days there with my bridge buddies.  We had the most relaxing time staying at the inn, which is actually a group of several lovely little cottages as well as a few rooms in the farmhouse. 

Upon arrival, you are directed to this charming little office building for check-in.

This is the board of room keys.  They are each attached to a small cow bell.  Hard to loose!

Here's an example of the gardens and vistas.

Our cottage was next door to this spa and pool.

The stonework and landscaping are so perfect.  These developers are so wonderfully creative.  They have carved such a unique group of outdoor rooms from pastures and woods.

This incredible chandelier hangs in one of the outdoor dining rooms.  It burns candles, but unfortunately we didn't see it lit.

At the doorway to our cottage, there was this very cool iron contraption with a relief of cattle heads on it and room for a fire underneath.  I'm guessing it is for making apple butter or something.....does anybody know?  It was actually being used here as a cooler for iced beverages.

I somehow forgot to get photos of the common area filled with lots of folk art and an awesome fireplace, but here's the sitting room of our bedroom.  It was delightful in soft lavender toile, matress ticking and paisley. 

This cozy little cubbyhole would have been wonderful to curl up in and read on a rainy day, but we were blessed with the finest weather I could ever imagine.

The kitchen was just big enough to hold wine, snacks, and coffee.  Love the toile fabric!

Aren't these utensil holders clever?

This sign is posted in the kitchen, too.  I love the last part where you are asked to recycle food scraps for the pigs!

This was the view out of our bedroom window.  This lettuce will undoubtedly show up on the table of one of the three critically-acclaimed restaurants.

I love the wooden portal arch into the garden.

Here's some of the bounty hanging from another arch within the garden.  Isn't the sun beautiful as it hits the gourds?

On our first hike on the grounds, we ran across the stone wall enclosed wedding meadow.  There were urns full of flowers from a past wedding at the entrances to the area.  This is understandably a very popular venue for small weddings, and as a matter of fact, they were setting up for one on the day we left.

Just a ways down the path from there is this stunning labyrinth made of stone from the building sites.  I would love to return someday and walk the labyrinth in prayer or meditation.  I always have a hard time slowing down enough for this type of exercise, but in such a beautiful setting, I just might be successful.

Further down the path, we came upon this gazebo at the edge of a lake.  The proportions of this one are so unusual.  It is small in diameter, but very tall.

You can really appreciate it's rustic beauty from this perspective.

This is a great logo for the restaurant that serves breakfast, tea, and dinner here.  It is inside a fabulous farmhouse and is headed by a lovely woman with deep roots in food service.  Our dinners and service
were outstanding. 

Another walk took us past the bunny hutch.

Just look at the "architecture" on the hutch.

Of course, we loved the chickens, too.  I wish I could have seen the different eggs this assortment lay.

This one seemed to be the apha poultry! 

There were many more animals and gardens and food and walks and most of all, wonderful friendship.

It was such a nice way to spend a few days with sweet friends.

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