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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Serenbe Village

Yesterday's post was about a girls' trip to Serenbe and the place we stayed.  Today I'll show you more about the Serenbe Community.

When staying at the Inn at Serenbe, just a walk down a lovely road past this sign is the village.  Walkability is paramont to the idea of being better stewards of the land.

This lamp post is an example of the creative, unique way of thinking the developers used in this community.  The whole area has outdoor lighting regulations that prohibit light pollution. 

Here's another example of making the ordinary stop sign artistic and interesting.

Oak leaves and acorns are found throughout the signage. 

Here's an example of the charming retail area.  All of the storefronts are made up of a variety of attractive building materials.  They use geo-thermal heating. 

As far as I'm concerned, it's a huge plus when a community is dog-friendly!  We saw this sweetie several times in a couple of days.

The Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop is soooo cute.  And it is the smallest Silver LEED certified building in the nation. 

This is The Hil, one of three award-winning restaurants.  They support the farm-to-table concept.  We had dinner here the evening we arrived and, oh my goodness, the lamb dish I had was one of my top five dinners ever.

What's better than a store that sells wine and chocolate?

The Bilt-House has unique clothing and fun accessories. 

This darling residence is just down from the retail spaces.  All homes are EarthCraft Certified, observe composting, recycling and have underground trash cans.  There are no lawns and no chemicals.  The native plants and organic landscaping support the concepts of authentically green living.

Many homes have this type of charming detail.

I am guessing that Serenbe has some type of halloween decorating competition, because these places were really decked out for the holiday!

This resident was anxious to show us his friend before he left to go to the Thrashers game.

How about this guy?

Have you ever seen such beautiful stables?  With these beautiful riding trails, I'd want to keep a horse here too.  At least 70% of Seranbe's 1000 acres will always be preserved green space, so those trails will always be there to enjoy.

Tomorrow I'll do one more post on the folk art I found at Serenbe.


  1. The Serenbe Chamber of Commerce has a job for you!!! MJ

  2. What a fun post. Love that stop sign with its clever border. ~ Sarah


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