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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunch in the Woods

I am posting this previous post with Happy To Design's Sunday Favorites party.  It's an invitation to post one of your favorite previous posts.  It's fun for me to revisit this one.  Not only was it one of my favorite tablescapes, but it is a fond memory of a wonderful day spent with a rather new friend.  A year later, I can't imagine not having this woman in my life. 
Enjoy this re-run!!!!
This beautiful weather was crying for lunch outside, so I made a quick phone call to invite a friend and set up the table in the woods. Lunch was mostly grocery store pick-up, but the table was so much fun for both of us.  She never expected to find out that we were eating in the sun-dappled woods. 

I started with a simple card table and covered it with a curtain panel from Pier One.  I just loved the colors in it and how it made fall tones seem just a little more vibrant.  Then I used our Portmerion "Birds of Britain" dinnerware.

This guy was the centerpiece.  He is usually up in our tv room on the mantle, but I think he enjoyed the fresh air today! 

These few flowers at the base were just stuck into a little bit of oasis.  I was able to find them all in our cutting garden or back yard. 

What do you think drew me to these dishes? The acorns, of course! They're great, classic dishes, but the borders made them must-have.  I used my oldie but goodie Target brown salad plates in between the dessert and dinner plates.

Here's the dessert plate with the Nightingale on it.

And here's the Harlequin Duck dinner plate.

I never heard of this bird, but the colors are great.

Pier One had a stack of four of these wooden bowls in a darling net bag.  I think I'll use them often for nuts and such.  I used them here in place of a bread plate.

I didn't want to use any fine crystal out there, so I grabbed these sturdy Imperial glass stems.  I've had them forever.

This flatware has a good look, but is not very high quality.  Good enough for an outdoor meal, though!  I can't remember where I got it.  It sure works well with the red in this "tablecloth".

I took two of our breakfast room Windsor backed chairs outside and put gold cushions from Pier One on them for comfort.

Here you can see that I just tucked the napkin from Crate and Barrel under the dinner plate.  It was a good space saver on this little table.  I have to admit that by now I was working pretty fast to photograph this before the sunlight shifted.

I thought about using a carpet under the table, but I decided that I already had the most beautiful carpet on the ground already!

I used a nearby stump as a side table for a faux bois tray with the cream and sugar and s/p.  It makes me sad (and poor) to have to take trees down, so it is nice to find a use for the remains.

Here's the close-up view.

So.....what's your feeling about taxidermy on the luncheon table?  It doesn't bother me, but I know some might feel differently.


  1. What a fun idea, to picnic so luxuriously in the woods! I do think I might have to set the pheasant on the ground in order to fully enjoy my lunch!

  2. Wow, your table covering is just amazing, I think it steals the show-beautiful:@)

  3. Keep the acorns, lose the pheasant. mj/im/cp

  4. Love the pheasant! Love the table in the woods. Love the dishes. Love it all!

  5. What a beautiful table! Your friend is a lucky gal to get a seat at this table. I like the taxidermy on the table, at least he wont eat much! LOL! The plates are so pretty, the brown plates are wonderful in the middle!

  6. Those Portmerion plates are bee-yoo-tee-ful!!! Wow!!! What a wonderful idea to dine in the woods. Reminds me of an English hunt. The taxidermy on the table would only bother me if it suddenly blinked or asked me to pass the salt! :-)

  7. That pheasant is fabulous and it wouldn't bother me a bit to sit at the table with him. What a great setting for your luncheon, thank you so much for sharing.

  8. I love the dishes and the setting. So warm and inviting and full of nature. Your pheasant is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Stop by and say hello.

  9. The Portmerion Birds of Britain plates are absolutely stunning. I'm going to start seeing if I can find them. Your al fresco tablescape is beautiful...what a wonderful surprise luncheon! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  10. Linda!! Oh this is a beautiful table and setting. I love Portmerion dishes but I haven't seen these. I am also a pheasant fan ;) All the pieces here workd so well together. Your friend is lucky to have you! Linda

  11. Linda, I find this table totally charming, taxidermy and all. Love the idea of using the stump, the beautiful textile, and those dishes are beautiful. ~ Sarah

  12. Hi Linda...

    Ohhh my...what fun you and your friend must have had...dining out in the woods on a beautiful autumn day! I would love to do that! Your autumn table is sooo beautiful, my friend! I love the drapery panel that you used for a table covering...the fabric pattern and colors really are gorgeous! And...your pretty bird dishes just made my heart skip a beat! I really do love all sweet birds! Speaking of birds...what a stately pheasant your fellow is! He's gorgeous and the perfect centerpiece for your autumn table in the woods! FABULOUS!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful autumn table with us for the Sunday Favorites party this week! This was such a treat, Linda!

    Warmest autumn wishes,


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