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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Garden Club Mountain Tour II

This is the log cabin next door to yesterday's post.  This was also featured on my garden club tour.  I'm so grateful that one of our members put this tour together for the rest of us to enjoy.  I respect the privacy of the owners of these homes, so I am not revealing where they are, but I will say that they are in a beautiful mountain area not too far from Atlanta.  Here's the view as you walk from yesterday's home to this one next door.

Just look at the stonework on this chimney.  It was so perfect for this home.

This is the back of the cottage.  It was built in the 20's out of telephone poles.  The builder of these two log homes is well known, and his structures are considered very desirable.

Here's the front view.  Can you imagine arriving here for a long weekend of relaxation?

And here's the wonderful inside!  The beams!  The fireplace!  And I especially love that painting over the mantle and it's rustic frame.  Oh, and how about the barley twist lamps behind the sofa?

This staircase goes up to the upper bedrooms.  It's only half a story up.  Does that make it a split level?

A truely cozy upstairs bedroom.

Then back downstairs to the living room again.  Check out this artwork.  How perfect for this house.

Then a half story downstairs to the lower level bedroom.  These tramp art frames over the twin beds are perfect for this space.

Even the bathroom is perfectly wonderful.  Wouldn't you love to live within these walls?

This pathway leads to a network of hiking trails.  Wine on the porch or a hike in these amazing woods?  You decide.

I have never seen such wonderful rustic pathway lights.  Just a rough wood plank and a semi-circle of rusty metal make down lights that perfectly fit into the woodsy setting.

This gate probably wouldn't keep out bears, or intruders either, but it is totally in keeping with this lovely place.

How lovely is this view? 

I found this sweet little plaque tucked into the beds in a very inconspicuous place.  No screaming "Look at me", just a very subtle little detail.

Most of the summer flowers were done blooming for this year, but these asters were still as lovely as can be.

This little pile of acorns simply made me smile.

And this view made me swoon.

I'll be posting more about this special trip tomorrow and Tuesday. 


  1. Wine on the porch. Most definitely! JAD

  2. ******* We are in the process of designing a comfy, charming, casual and FUN "summer place" in the mountains, to escape the heat of Arizona's summers...

    ... BUUUUUT, I think I should throw away MY designs and, well, BUY T*H*I*S most charming place!!! I'm just soooo "sad" that it's not in the AZ MOUNTAINS!!!

    Best n' warmest,

    Linda in AZ


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