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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Garden Club Mountain Tour I

One of the members of my garden club offered to put together a tour of several gardens near her vacation home.  In respect for their owners' privacy, I'm not mentioning the location, other than to say that they are in a beautiful, upscale mountain area.

This was the first view we had of this charming old log home.  It was built in the '20s out of telephone poles.  I'll show you some shots of the inside, as our garden tour turned into a garden/house tour.  We were a bunch of happy women!!!!

Just take a look at this incredible living area.  The stairway alone was worth the trip!  This beautiful stone fireplace is the perfect focal point for this cozy room.  Wouldn't you love to spend a long, lazy afternoon here?

Even the loo has oodles of charm.

This is the first bedroom upstairs.  There is a bedroom on the first floor, too, but my photo of it didn't turn out too well.  Note how they built the shelves into the wall for spacesaving.

Look at the wonderful handles and trimmings on these built-in storage areas.  They are all made of rustic sticks of some kind.  The wood itself has a beautiful patina, too.

Wouldn't we all love to spend a night in this bed?  And don't you love that hooked rug over it?

Or would you rather curl up with this fuzzy buffalo in this room?

Check out this inventive way to store books.  In a room where space is very limited, this takes the place of an end table.

This is a true sleeping porch.  It has nothing but screens at the windows.  You have the ability to pull up canvas to protect yourself from rain, but it is open to the elements for the most part.

Back downstairs, this area in the living room gives you a peek into the kitchen, too.  Every accessory adds so much charm, but nothing screams "cheesy mountain"
stuff.  What a perfect vignette!

This photo is a little dark, but it shows the bank of windows that have the most fabulous view of the mountains.

And here it is!!  Isn't it breathtaking?

I just had to take a picture of this precious wall pocket.  I would love to own this. It would make me smile every time I saw it.  I hope the owner gets that much pleasure from it. 

Here's a photo of the front door.  Look at the hardware straps.  Just fabulous!

Isn't this porch railing amazing?  This green vine (none of the gardeners knew exactly what it was) actually grows inside.  There is screen on the outside.

Here's the view from the side.  More wonderful railing and a lovely sitting area.

This is that sitting area viewed from the porch.  See the fireplace for those nippy evenings?  Imagine sitting here with a glass of wine and good friends in this unbelievable beauty.

I'm going to post more on this trip all this week.  Log on to see more very special places.


  1. Oh, thank you for taking us along. I love peeking into both homes and gardens. This was great fun! Love that bed for sure. ~ sarah

  2. I just discovered your blog today and I'm loving it! Thanks for the tour of the mountain retreat. Looking forward to part two and more of your decorating style.


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