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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Garden Club Mountain Tour IV

Can you imagine a better view than this?  This is the last installment of a garden tour that I was so lucky to be a part of last week.  This house had so many beautiful vistas and sitting areas to enjoy them.  The plantings were incredible and so pristinely manicured.

Just look at the variety of shades of green in just this area.

This wall looks like such a lovely place to gaze. The hardscape here does such a great job of defining areas.

This is my favorite type of outdoor stairs.  The sod between each stone step makes it so gradual and keeps the approach to the sitting area so much more gentle.

These anemones were so bright and wonderful.  They are fall perennials that bloom when the asters and mums do.

I don't know if this was concrete or zinc, but they did such a great job on the variety of textures in it.

This home is owned by the woman who invited us all.  It has over sixty-five different varieties of dahlias.  She invited us all to bring clippers and cut as many as we wished.  Frost is due soon, and she knew they would be ruined, so we were the beneficiaries of her generosity.

Here's the approach to the cutting gardens.

I wish you could have heard my friends oohing excitedly as we came to the blooms with sheers in hand!



White and every color I have ever seen were there in this prolific garden.  Then, in a few minutes, they were in beautiful bouquets in our hands!

On the other side of the land is this boxwood hedge with roses in the center.  And in the distance is a newly planted vineyard! 

One of the other treats was a cocktail party at one of our other member's vacation home.  This sitting area is so beautifully backed up against this rock.  I don't think there is any grass around this home the way it sits on the mountain. 

This is the main room.  For most of us, this was the first fire of the season.  It felt so good in the cool, crisp air.

Our hostess had the best knack for welcoming us as well as welcoming fall.

She had the most wonderful collection of face jugs.  They suit the rustic area so well.

Here's another special vignette she had in the kitchen.

Even though this photo is dark, I had to include it and show how we all loved the hospitality, the weather, and the blankets!!! 

This darling little cottage is where I stayed with a couple of the other members. 

It sits on a small lake and I loved the way these canoes looked along the road.

And this kind of special touch makes it the lovely, quiet, family friendly area that treasures the low tech way of life.  Thanks again go to my friends who made this such a wonderful trip.

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