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Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Decorating Inside

I posted photos of my exterior fall decorating on September 28th, but I thought that now that I've nearly finished the interior for fall, you'd like to see what it looks like.  I own a collection of high quality faux  fruits and vegetables.  When mixed with real pumpkins, gourds, and nuts, they make a lovely vignette.  This is where I staged them last fall in the dining room. 

The shades of ivory, cream, white and green are especially pretty when gathered in a bountiful display
on the sideboard.

This year, I wanted to move them into the bar area and show them on the green and white gingham runner I made a few months ago.

I removed one of our favorite watercolors over the table and replaced it with this wreath.  The blue in the picture fought the fall colors, so it is temporarily set aside.  Can you tell which veggies are real and which are faux?

Of course, I had to put my favorite...... acorns, in the display. I just love the way these colors complement each other.

I replaced the Portmerion plates in the French shelving unit with these German dessert plates and white Casper mini pumpkins.  If you look closely at the shelves, you'll see that I actually have two sets in slightly different sizes.

This area of the room holds pads for the outdoor furniture and towels for the pool.  I found this cool wicker cloche and filled with mini gourds.

It is almost impossible to take a good photograph on this shiny granite, but I wanted to show you this great platter that a special friend gave us for Christmas.  It came from Sur la Table and I get many compliments on it no matter when I use it.

Also on the counter is this arrangement of lots of leftover flowers from our cutting garden.  I've displayed a nice William-Sonoma seasonal cookbook with it.

The living room coffee table looked like this last fall, but I have since broken the black metal eperne.

So for at least this weekend, this is what it looks like now.  I moved the pheasant in here and just plopped two dozen orange roses in a cream colored pitcher.

Aren't these yummy?  Sometimes they open fully just when you want them to be optimum for a party and that's what happened this weekend.  I'll post about the dinner on Thursday and I'll link it to Between Naps on the Porch.

It's a little too warm for a fire yet in Atlanta, so to add interest to the fireplace, I set a low basket full of gourds on the hearth.

These happen to all be real.  Some of those winged gourds are really pretty.

Also in the living room, I added faux bittersweet and whatever those orange pillow things are to an arrangement of sticks and feathers that I keep here all year around.

The step-back cupboard in the breakfast room gets a simple addition of a couple of pumpkins.

These hydrangeas in the dining room are actually from our garden too.  That lovely bride is our younger daughter on the day of her wedding.

I simply hung a wreath on the door from the kitchen hall to the garage.

This last little corner is one you'll pass as you leave by the front door.  Come back soon!

I'm linking up with The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.  Be sure to visit her for some autumn inspiration!


  1. I love all your fall touches. Your home is just beautiful, warm and inviting. Thanks so much for the fall tour! Lidy

  2. Thanks for the lovely Fall tour, so fun to see. I love your home, wonderful details, colors etc. Tell me the story of that Midland sign, that is a cool piece?!

  3. Nice fall touches! Your roses are just beautiful:@)


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